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From the Counter: Howell’s Indoor Range & Gun Shop

url: By Peter B. Mathiesen “From the Counter” is the NSSF’s timely industry perspectives from firearm retailers across the country. Our goal is to highlight innovative market strategies helping retailers compete more successfully. Lessons learned are drawn from an array of regions with diverse market economies in an era of political change. This month we visit a midsize independent retailer in the northern suburban area of Portland, Maine. Howell’s Indoor Range & Gun Shop, Gray, Maine Located just 15 miles north of Portland, Howell’s Indoor Range and Gun Shop is a 27,000-square-foot FFL that sells a mix of [...]

Mom shoots, kills attacker at Brazil school during Mother’s Day event

url: A mother waiting outside her children's school in Brazil shot and killed a gunman racing toward a group of parents. ABC News reports a group of women and their children were outside Colégio Ferreira Master school in Sao Paulo on Saturday when a man ran up pointing a gun at them. The women, who who were there for a Mother's Day event, reports Newsweek, scrambled for safety, the video shows. But Corporal Katia da Silva Sastre, 42, an off-duty police officer and parent, emerged from the group and shot the man at point-blank range. Brazilian police [...]

Armatix Plans 9mm “Smart Gun” for U.S. Market

URL: On Wednesday, Computerworld reported that gun maker Armatix plans to bring a 9mm “smart” handgun, dubbed the iP9, to the U.S. market in 2017. The iP9 is Armatix’s second offering for the U.S. market. NRA does not oppose the development of so-called “smart gun technology,” however, NRA does oppose efforts to mandate that this technology be integrated into firearms. In 2014, Armatix made headlines when it released the iP1, a .22-caliber “smart” handgun that requires the firearm to be within a certain proximity of an accompanying wristwatch in order to operate. Despite that the iP1 pistol [...]